Five months ago we left Australia and moved to just outside Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Since then our time has been occupied with searching for a house, buying a house, moving into a house, and now renovating a house.

The renovations are not yet complete, but I have at last got the bulk of my computer gear usable again. I’m hoping to get some time to work on my 3D printers soon, but that may require stretching the definition of “soon”.

E6000 console battery replacement

  1. Place the console face down
  2. Remove 4 screws holding back cover in place, and remove cover case open
  3. Remove screw from power cable bracket power cable bracket
  4. Remove 2 screws from ribbon cable bracket ribbon cable bracket
  5. Unplug ribbon cable ribbon cable
  6. Remove 4 long screws from power transformer transformer screws
  7. Remove 2 screws from circuit board PCB screws
  8. Remove 4 screws from corners of circuit board 20160510_114946 20160510_114952
  9. Remove circuit board from case 20160510_115054 20160510_115352
  10. De-solder battery 20160510_115228 20160510_120105
  11. Prepare new battery for soldering (in this case, place a blob of solder on each lead) 20160510_115545 20160510_115609
  12. Position new battery with negative lead to pad with large copper track connection 20160510_115618
  13. Solder new battery in place (in this case, “sweat” the previously-placed blob) 20160510_115646 20160510_115706
  14. Re-assemble console
  15. Power up console – note display flashes “MEMO”
  16. Select language